Your company decided to relocate and consolidate its existing branches in the United States to reduce its cost level and guarantee an efficient utilization of existing capacities?

We will assist you throughout the process of consolidation. Our team will assess and evaluate all relevant strategic and business aspects concerning the consolidation of your branches:

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Evaluation and Assessment of Growth Potential of Current Branches

Evaluation of current locations, analysis of integration potential of current branches, cost comparisons with potential third location

Should you decide to continue the consolidation at one of your current locations, we will gladly assist you with incentive negotiations.

Depending on project requirements, a consolidation of operations at a new location is often the preferred method. We gladly offer our expertise in site selection:

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Assessment and Development of your location strategy

Evaluation and improvement of project requirements such as location, facilities, infrastructure, supplier and client proximity

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Location Screening and Evaluation

Based on project requirements, we analyze key factors such as real estate, labor markets, tax rates, utility infrastructure, availability of incentives and other relevant data.

We emphasize personal consulting and support. It is very important for us that we take your company-specific requirements and requests into consideration, that you still have enough time for your core business, and that you will be able to make the right decision at the right time.

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Selection and Assessment of Individual Sites

For each location, we provide analysis about variable costs such as rent prices, energy usage, labor costs or supply chain logistics as well as analysis of the total project costs to get production up and running.

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Business Incentive Negotiations

To foster economic growth, some regions offer business incentives provided by the local, state or federal government. Although not the prime factor when it comes to location selection, incentives can be of substantial value and significantly impact your relocation and future operating costs.

Our team has a record of successfully and efficiently negotiating incentive packages for our clients that significantly affect their return on investment.

Pons Atlantic Partners knows relevant incentive opportunities and takes over the application and negotiation phase:

  • Evaluate the potential economic impact of your project on a set of shortlisted locations, development of incentive strategies
  • Evaluate available incentive programs in shortlisted locations on a comparative basis to identify the most beneficial deal for your company
  • Negotiations with state, county, and city authorities to obtain financial support

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