German Aerospace & Defense Supplier Winkelmann to Open Location in Alabama

PARIS - 19.06.2016 - Winkelmann MSR Technology announced today at the Paris Air Show their plans to open their first US manufacturing location in Auburn, AL. The flow-forming manufacturer from Ahlen, Germany outlined a projected investment of $12 million along with the creation of 50 new jobs over the next 5 years.

The new Auburn subsidiary will operate under the Name Winkelmann Flowform Technology and serve customers from the aerospace and defense industries, among others. The company professionally implements the flow forming technique to produce high quality special purpose cylinders and cones that find their use in the aerospace and defense industries, as well as vehicle technology and have a wide variety further industrial applications. Products include disc carriers, jet-engine drive shafts, hydraulic cylinders and motor housings.

The family owned company has already reached a memorandum of understanding with the city of Auburn and will be closely cooperating with the community to ensure a smooth set-up and start of production at the new facility. The 50 newly created jobs are a welcome addition to the Auburn labor market.

In order to find their ideal location for their new facility Winklemann MSR Technology has been conducting a site selection project for which they were supported by Pons Atlantic Partners. The Berlin based site selection consulting firm is a well-established member of the transatlantic FDI community and has a large track record of successfully completed site selection projects. Hence, the team at Pons is well-versed in the business and knows what companies are looking for in a new location. "Quite often the proximity to customers and the availability of qualified or even specialized labor are driving criteria for companies. Depending on a project's timeframe, companies might prefer buildings that can hold special machinery with little or no modifications to the facility. All of these factors applied during the site selection process for Winkelmann MSR Technology, which clearly identified the building in Auburn as the right fit," explains Thomas Schwegmann, CEO of Pons Atlantic Partners.

The Winkelmann Group can look back at a proud and long tradition since their foundation in the late 19th century. Over the course the company has steadily grown and builds up a significant expertise which makes it the specialized high-quality manufacturer it is known for today. Worldwide, the Winkelmann Group employs some 4,000 people.

Kayser Automotive to Expand Existing Production in Kentucky

FULTON, Kentucky - 17.01.2017 - A. Kayser Automotive Systems, a subsidiary of the German family-owned Kayser Automotive Systems GmbH, has announced plans to expand their current production facility in Fulton, Kentucky. The company is going to invest $26 million to modify and move into a new building and to create an additional 100 jobs.

In 2013, Kayser Automotive opened their first US production facility in Fulton in order to supply automotive parts to tier-one suppliers and car manufacturers in the U.S. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth which urged them to seek possibilities of expanding their operation. For Stefan Schuette, the decision to remain in Fulton and to expand production there is the best solution for all parties involved. While Kayser Automotive will be able to utilize existing infrastructure, the State of Kentucky and the community in Fulton will benefit from additional jobs.

The company's decision to remain at their current location was preceded by lengthy negotiations with the previous lessee of the building that KLayser plans to expand into as well as the community and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The MVP group, which previously produced scented candles and home accessories in this facility, will move their production to a different location in Kentucky, maintaining its jobs within the state. Negotiations lasted for several months and covered issues such as jobs, logistics and incentives, resulting in an agreement that is beneficial for all protagonists.

The initial site selection in 2013 as well as the recent expansion negotiations, Kayser Automotive Systems was supported by Pons Atlantic Partners. The Berlin-based consulting firm provided expert knowledge on site selection and participated in the recent negotiations much to the company's benefit. "The challenge of the negotiations was to produce a solution that satisfies all sides. The Memorandum of Understanding resulkting from the talks will certainly live up to that expectation," says Thomas Schwegmann, CEO of Pons Atlantic Partners.

[Chart] German Exports to US Reach New Record

[Grafik] ort in de USA starkt wie nie zuvor

Source (German): FAZ

France not Germany's most important trading partner any more

France's growth is not significant enough to maintain the top spot on the German export ranking list. Now, most foreign money comes from elsewhere.

The United States have replaced France after more than half a century of being the most important purchaser of German products. According to the German Census Bureau, German exports to the U.S. increased by almost 19% to €114 Billion, in 2015.

In contrast, exports to France merely rose by 2.5% to €103 Billion. Thusly ends an era: since 1961, the German neighbor has been nearly unchallenged as the major consumer of German goods.

The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) is convinced this progress will continue. "It's a rather long-term trend," says DIW-expert Simon Juncker. One reason might be the economic development of the U.S. Last year, the world's biggest economy grew by 2,4%, France, however, just by 1,1%.

This trend will likely remain in 2016. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) assumes that the GDP of the United States will rise by 2,0% and that of France by 1,2%.

"It's not surprising that the U.S. is Germany's most important trading partners," states Bernhard Mattes, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany. "The U.S. economy is presently experiencing a stable boom which benefits German enterprises. Contributing factors in the United States are low energy prices, a relatively low wage level as well as a favorable Euro-Dollar exchange rate."

Because of the very lenient monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB), the Euro, compared to the USD, has been devalued by one-fifth since the middle of 2014. "This exchange rate effect has clearly increased external demand," DIW-expert Juncker explains. France and Germany, however, share the same currency so there cannot be a devaluation effect.

Mattes expects this strong demand to continue. "Due to its core capabilities in engineering and plant manufacturing as well as in automotive and chemical industries the US considers Germany to be a crucial trading partner that can be beneficial to the absolutely essential reindustrialization of the U.S. economy", adds Mattes, whose main occupation is as CEO of Ford Germany. "'Made in Germany' becomes 'Made with Germany' so prospects for German enterprises and their subsidiaries will remain positive with regard to the U.S." The finalization of the planned free trade agreement between the U.S. and the European Union could provide an additional impetus to growth. It would reduce obstacles to trade and, above all, boost the exchange of goods.

Source: FAZ/Reuters (German)

Hago Automotive Corp. locating Operations in Iuka, Mississippi

JACKSON - December 18, 2015 - Gov. Phil Bryant and officials from laser-welded sheet metal and stamped automotive parts producer hago Automotive Corp. announced today the company is locating operations in Iuka, Miss., in Tishomingo County. The project represents a corporate investment of $10 million and will create 80 jobs. The company is expected to begin operations by mid-2016.

"We are excited to join the Mississippi business community and begin operations in Iuka. Our new location will allow hago Automotive to effectively and efficiently serve our customers," said hago Automotive President and CEO Joerg Goeppert. "We thank the Mississippi Development Authority, Tishomingo County, the Tishomingo County Development Foundation and Tennessee Valley Authority for their support as hago Automotive prepares to locate in Northeast Mississippi."

Pons Atlantic Partners conducted the site selection process for hago. The berlin based consulting firm identified the building in Iuka, MS as the most fitting candidate for location. President and CEO of Pons Atlantic Partners, Thomas Schwegmann, explained that an existing building was one of the most decisive criteria for the new location. This enables hago to modify the building to their specifications in a short period of time and begin production as quickly as possible.

The company is a subsidiary of Germany-based hago Feinwerktechnik GmbH. Founded more than 40 years ago, it has grown from a regional tool shop to a specialized manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal and stamped automotive parts.

From its Iuka location, hago Automotive will perform the following for its customers: automated stamping with up to 400 tons of processing power, transfer stamping with up to 630 tons of pressing power, several laser-welding applications, parts washing and cleaning, parts processing and the production of assemblies. The facility will also house a tool-making department and a test laboratory.

Auto Supplier Fritz Winter Eisengießerei to Locate Casting Foundry in Simpson County

German firm will invest $194 million in Franklin facility, creating 300-plus jobs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 10, 2015) - German automotive parts maker Fritz Winter Eisengiesserie GmbH & Co. KG plans to build a $193.7 million foundry and production facility in Franklin, bringing 343 jobs to Simpson County, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin announced today.

Company executives plan to build a 240,000 square-foot facility in the Wilkey North Industrial Park. Construction could start early next year and casting and machining of disc brake rotors is expected to begin in 2017.

"Franklin really meets all our requirements in terms of availability of skilled labor, industry-specific training possibilities and geographical location. Moreover, Franklin as well as the Commonwealth of Kentucky have shown tremendous effort in supporting the project and we truly look forward to a lasting future in Kentucky.

Rumikewitz cited Kentucky's proximity to European-owned automotive assembly plants in the U.S. South as well as opportunities for new business with plants in Commonwealth and Midwest.

Founded in Stadtallendorf, Germany in 1951, Fritz Winter produces engine blocks and heads, camshafts, flywheels and brake components for cars and trucks. As well, it makes control housings for hydraulic systems and boilers for heating systems. The company, which remains family owned, began exporting to the U.S. in 1966 and currently employs 3,700 people worldwide.

Fritz Winter also retained the Berlin based consulting firm Pons Atlantic Partners, who conducted the site selection process. After a phase of analysis and evaluation, including well over 100 potential locations, Pons Atlantic Partners were able to identify the site in Franklin, KY as the premier candidate for location. Among the major factors for this decision were the ideal proximity to both, customers and resources, the availability and cost of crucial utilities. Additionally, Pons were able to identify a very favorable electricity price in Franklin, which as one of the most important cost factors for Fritz Winter, will sustainably benefit the company's future in Franklin, KY.

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority at its Dec. 10 meeting preliminarily approved Fritz Winter for incentives to the tune of $5.69 milion that are crucial to the company's decision to locate in the Commonwealth.

US now most important export market for Germany

October 19, 2015

Americans love "Made in Germany"

For more than five decades, France has been the most important trading partner for German exporters. Now, for the first time, Germany delivered more goods to the prosperous United States. One reason could be the favorable Euro-Dollar exchange rate.

Wiesbaden. The US replaced France as the most important market for German exports. In the first half of the year Germany has sent more goods "Made in Germany" to the United States than to its neighbor on the other side of the Rhine, as the Statistical Office in Wiesbaden told the German Press Agency.

This could mean the end of an era: Since 1961 France has continuously been the leading market for German exports. 1959 marks the last time the US was leading the list of countries importing cars, machines etc. from the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960 the Netherlands took the lead for a short time.

For Jörg Zeuner, chief economist of the Reconstruction Credit Institute (KfW), this will not necessarily be permanent. For him, the current development is mainly caused by the proportionally higher economic dynamics of the US market in comparison to France and the weak Euro. This makes German products cheaper outside of the Euro-zone but not in France: "these factors don't have to be permanent." Quite possibly, France might become the most important partner for German exporters again.

Statistics indicate that German US-exports rose from 45 billion Euro last year to 56 billion Euro in the first half of 2015. Exports overseas have noticeably emerged stronger than exports over the Rhine: France received goods worth 53,5 billion Euro in the time from January to June, compared to 51,6 billion Euro last year.

This positive trend is likely to continue: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts a 2,5 percent growth for the world's largest market this year and 3,0 percent in 2016. For the Euro-zone economists expect just a growth of 1,5 percent in 2015 and 1,7 percent next year.

As trading partner for exports and imports combined, France remains Number One because Germany imports more products from its neighbor than from the US. The Netherlands and China hold places three and four respectively, as Germany's most important trading partners.

Overall, German exports have increased more during the first six months of 2015 than during the last four years. Compared to 2014, total exports increased by 7.0 percent to 595,3 billion Euro.

Source: dpa via

Expanding your business into the United States

For many European enterprises, expanding your business into the United States will be an attractive prospect; a stable market with a high demand for quality products (especially for new technologies), that has been established over many decades, fostering a positive business atmosphere.

GDP growth in the US is higher than in Europe (1,8 % against 1,3 % in 2014). The market benefits from a well-developed infrastructure, a dependable legal system and a knowledge based economy where research is highly valued. Additionally, there are new opportunities appearing all the time as a result of legislative change and an increasing focus on climate change and the environment; all good reasons for an expansion into the US.

Although the benefits are clear, a successful site selection needs good planning and advice in order to overcome some of the obstacles; an instable financial system, a trade deficit, the different regulations even within states, the growing public debt and the high intensity of competition between firms should to be carefully weighed against the benefits.

Before outlaying a large amount of capital to establishing a business in the United Sates, you would be well advised to seek professional guidance.

Each case must be evaluated according to the needs and requirements of the business in question and it helps to have someone you can turn to for advice. As you will see below, there are many things to consider and an experienced consultant should pay for himself or herself many times over by helping to steer your business away from the rocks.

The criteria for a successful site selection include:

  • Labour market: Without question, wages are an important determining factor. There are high wage differences between the various states and counties, but in general terms, wages in the US are around 30% lower than in Europe. This can be a critical factor in the success of the proposed new business. Weaker labour unions in the south have resulted in wages that are comparably lower, but in general terms, wages are currently facing an upward pressure across the board and companies may hire fewer new-starts in the year ahead. It is important to have a deep understanding of wage trends and other factors like the availability of skilled labour and educational facilities in order to make a full assessment of the best location for your new business.
  • Infrastructure: The transport infrastructure in the US is generally very well developed and transportation by rail is relatively cheap. The proximity to seaports and airports is an important consideration for companies that intend to manufacture some parts in Europe or simply for company executives to be able to access the facility quickly and cost effectively form abroad.
  • Energy prices: The impact of energy prices on a site selection will depend entirely on the company's business model. Energy is generally much cheaper than in most European countries, especially for gas. Also, in the US you can find regional price differences due to the regulation of prices in the southern states verses the de-regulated energy market in the north. This provides more room to negotiate prices with suppliers, offering the potential for further savings if the negotiations are well handled.
  • Incentives: The incentives available in certain US states could reduce the initial capital outlay dramatically. Typically, this is not the case in Europe. Some states or counties are more focused on increasing employment whilst others seek international investment. Depending on the program selected, assistance can be secured from the commencement of operations or over the course of 10 - 15 years. A good consulting firm will be able to guide you on what to expect in this area and how to access these programs.
  • Property and Buildings: Once a decision has been reached on whether to buy or lease a property, your consultant will typically help to draw up a shortlist that has been properly assessed in terms of suitability. They should also be able to introduce a trusted legal representative who can act on the company's behalf in the selected jurisdiction, ensuring that there are no surprises down the road.
  • Suppliers: It goes without saying that any new company establishing itself in the US will require suitably qualified local suppliers and professional service providers. Your consultant will be able to make strategic introductions to tried and tested third parties and, in some cases, to influential decision makers at state and county level.
  • Taxes and regulations: There is a wide variation on taxation and regulation that needs to be considered, not to mention the building codes and permissions that may also apply. The environmental regulations are typically less strict in the US than in Europe, but differences can be huge from one state to another. A good consulting firm will be able to provide you with an overview on local regulations, such as the import and export duties that are likely to be applied to your business.
  • Quality of life: From a business perspective, the points above are critical, but unless you are able to attract a suitable workforce, planning in these areas could be premature. The quality of life in the surrounding area is often overlooked. The availability of good schools, hospitals, the cost of living and the availability of property to lease should all be considered. These are factors that will help to ensure that you attract suitable executives for your new corporation, whether hired locally or transferred from Europe on a rotation basis.

As you can see, site selection if done well is a balancing act. Once your consultant has developed a deep understanding of your needs and requirements, they will be in a position to identify target locations that will give your new business optimal growing conditions. Typically, they will accompany you on site visits and make strategic introductions to key people in the target area.

Whatever your reasons for expanding your business into the United States, an experienced relocation consultant will save your company both time and money, helping you to avoid the pitfalls and identify the opportunities. Be sure to engage with a firm that offers advice born from years of experience in this rewarding but challenging market place.

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German-based die making company locates to Laurens County, creates 52 jobs

ATLANTA - October. 30, 2014 - The Aweba Group, one of the largest and most advanced die-making enterprises in Europe, announced that they will invest $6 million into a die-making facility creating 50 jobs in Dublin, Georgia.

Aweba will lease a 30,000-square-foot building where they will produce tools and dies for the NAFTA region. The new location will create 52 new jobs, including tool setters and production workers.

"The close proximity to our clients, the highly qualified labor force and the excellent training programs clearly identified Dublin as the ideal location for our new facility. We are grateful for all the support that we have received by the economic development authorities of Dublin Laurens County and the State of Georgia" says Udo Binder, CEO of AWEBA.

The AWEBA Group is one of the largest and most advanced die-making enterprises in Europe, and headquartered in Aue, Germany. Their products encompass the complete range of die-making technology and engineering. The company is a global player and regarded as a reliable partner not only for product development and the manufacture of dies and fixtures, but also for their maintenance, repair and the supply of spare parts over the product's entire life cycle.

Nico Wijnberg, project manager at the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) assisted the company on behalf of the state of Georgia, along with Lonnie Smallwood, project manager at Electric Cities of Georgia and Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority.

"We are proud to have supported the world's oldest tool and die manufacturer with their site selection in the United States. Through detailed analysis and assessment of an overwhelming amount of potential locations we were able to single out the one location that perfectly suits AWEBA'S needs," states Thomas Schwegmann, CEO of Pons Atlantic Partners, about the new AWEBA facility in Dublin.

Latvia-based Valmiera Glass establishes its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Georgia

Berlin, 30.07.2014 - Valmieras stikla š iedra announced that it will locate its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Dublin, Laurens County. The Latvia-based manufacturer of fiberglass products will create 150 jobs and invest $20 million within five years.

Valmiera Glass will locate on 40-acres in an Industrial Park on I-16 in Dublin, GA. The approximately 80,000-square-foot (7.400m2) facility will manufacture higher, value-added fiberglass products for the North American market. Because the manufacturing process is highly automated, the company will require well-trained candidates and the newly created jobs will be well-paid. Valmiera Glass USA Corp. will also take advantage of QuickStart, Georgia's top-ranked workforce training program.

"The new headquarter and manufacturing facility in the United States is a customer-oriented business development step. Valmiera Glass Group sales increases in North America every year, 14% of the total turnover of the company are exported directly to the United States and Canada. Now we will ensure that the products are available closer to the customer, the products will fall out of schedule, long-term profitability will increase and we will have a chance to develop closer partnerships with our key customers. The manufacturing facility in the USA gives us new opportunities for business growth and will strengthen Valmiera Glass Group positions in the market of glass fiber products all over the world," said Andre Heinz Schwiontek, the Board Member and Vice President of JSC "Valmieras stikla š iedra".

Pons Atlantic Partners conducted the pre-selection and assessment of suitable sites for Valmiera Glass. "Laurens County offers a highly educated workforce and a competitive electricity price, which is a key factor for firms with an energy intensive manufacturing process" says Thomas Schwegmann, CEO of Pons Atlantic Partners.

GRAMMER AG announces new U.S. Headquarters and Manufacturing Operations in Mississippi, creating 650 New Jobs

SHANNON, Miss.- GRAMMER AG, leading supplier of automotive interiors and seating systems for commercial vehicles, announced Tupelo, in Lee County, Miss. as the future site of the company's newest U.S. manufacturing operations. The entire project represents a total funding of $30 million over the next 5 years and will create up to 650 new jobs in two phases. The Lee County location, which will serve as the company's new official U.S. headquarters, is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2014.

The new location increases Grammer's presence in the North American market. The new facility optimizes the company's internal supply chain and guarantees maximum flexibility to customers. Together with their other North American locations, Grammer now has an excellent line-up to continue its successful growth in the NAFTA region.

"After a thorough evaluation of different opportunities, we are very happy that we have chosen Lee County in Mississippi for our new U.S. headquarters. This location is the perfect fit for our North American activities," said Hartmut Mueller, CEO of GRAMMER AG. "I would like to thank Lee County and the state of Mississippi for this great opportunity and the Mississippi Development Authority for their great support during this project."

Pons Atlantic Partners conducted the pre-selection and assessment of suitable sites for GRAMMER AG. The key requirements for the new site were the availability of skilled labor and proximity to automotive cluster. "Mississippi has evolved into an important center of the American automotive industry in recent years. Lee County provides the best conditions for a continued successful expansion of business in the NAFTA region" says Thomas Schwegmann, Managing Director of Pons Atlantic Partners.

GRAMMER AG is specialized in developing and manufacturing components and systems for car interiors as well as driver and passenger seats for offroad vehicles, trucks, buses, and trains. With more than 8,000 employees in 18 countries, the two divisions, Automotive and Seating Systems, generate annual revenues of $1.1bn.

Cosmetics Manufacturer to Consolidate US Operations in Murfreesboro

NASHVILLE, TN (November 13, 2013) - Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty along with Schwan Cosmetics USA officials announced today the company will consolidate its U.S. operations by building a new facility in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The Middle Tennessee plant will merge Schwan Cosmetics' Cosmolab facility in Lewisburg, Tenn. and its Schwan Cosmetics USA facility in Piscataway, N.J. The announcement represents an investment of $38 million and will create 250 new jobs over the next five years. Total employment will reach 450 as more than 200 jobs will transfer from the Lewisburg facility.

"International companies like Schwan Cosmetics understand the advantages of doing business in Tennessee with our receptive international climate, ideal location and superior transportation infrastructure," Hagerty said. "I appreciate Schwan Cosmetics' decision to grow in Tennessee and thank the company for its continued investment in our state and its quality workforce."

"Schwan Cosmetics, the leading private label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils and products worldwide, is very pleased to announce our investment in a state-of-the-art facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee," Barbara Bauer-Kropf, executive vice president of sales for Schwan Cosmetics, said. "Both our New Jersey and Tennessee manufacturing facilities will be consolidated into this 173,000 square foot high-tech site. The new Schwan Cosmetics USA will be a full service private label supplier continuing to build on Schwan Cosmetics' heritage of developing and introducing innovative, market driven color cosmetics. Our plan is to open the new campus during the first half of 2015."

Founded in 1855, the Schwan-STABILO group is a family-owned company with more than 4,400 employees worldwide with headquarters in Heroldsberg, Germany. In addition to the Cosmetic Division, the Schwan-STABILO group is a leading player in stationary writing instruments and special outdoor equipment. Schwan Cosmetics counts internationally-renowned cosmetics companies among its customers.

"Once again, Rutherford County is chosen for a location because of existing infrastructure, strong, capable workforce and our quality of life," Murfreesboro Mayor Tommy Bragg said. "I am hopeful many of the New Jersey employees will relocate and choose Tennessee as their new home. I welcome our new 'neighbor' and wish them success."

"We are ecstatic about the opportunity to house the U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility for Schwan Cosmetics USA," Destination Rutherford Chairman Bill Jones said. " This is additional testament to our thriving business community, and we look forward to a successful partnership."

On behalf of Schwan Cosmetics, Pons Atlantic Partners has made the validation of site selection under account of relevant selection criteria like supply infrastructure, availability of qualified staff and the proximity to universities and proposed alternatives sites in other states as well. "We are pleased that the consolidation of Schwan-STABILO secures many jobs and even creates new ones. With Murfreesboro, the company has made a very good choice", says Thomas Schwegmann, Managing Director of Pons Atlantic Partners.

Feuer Powertrain GmbH Locating US headquarters and
Manufacturing Operations in Tunica, Mississippi.

TUNICA, MS (September 24, 2013) - Officials from Feuer Powertrain GmbH have announced the company is locating its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Tunica, Miss. The project is a $ 140 million corporate investment and will create 300 new jobs.

FeuerPT, manufacturer of crankshafts for the automotive and transportation industry, will begin construction of the Tunica facility in fall 2013. Production is slated to begin in late 2014 or early 2015.

"After an intensive site selection process we are convinced that our decision to locate our first overseas manufacturing facility in Tunica, Mississippi, is the right move. The professional support of the state of Mississippi and the county of Tunica as well as the business friendly atmosphere here in Mississippi gave us the confidence, that this is an ideal place for expanding our global manufacturing footprint.

We are very proud to be part in the future of the Mississippi business community and we are excited to have the opportunity to make some contribution to the prosperity and growth of the region," said Bernd Gulden, CEO of Feuer Powertrain GmbH.

"I am grateful to the Feuer team for choosing Tunica as the home of its first U.S. manufacturing facility and for creating so many job opportunities for the area's residents," Gov. Phil Bryant said. "Feuer's decision to invest in Mississippi serves as a testament to the world that our state is a great place to do business, and I am proud to welcome this global company to the Mississippi Delta."

"We are delighted to see that Feuer Powertrain GmbH has found an attractive region for its new headquarters in the U.S. Tunica County was able to meet the mix of criteria and high demands of a manufacturing company," said Thomas Schwegmann (Pons Atlantic Partners) who, together with Dr. Ulrich Kaemmerer ( Rödl Langford de Kock) and Florian Stamm (Smith, Gambrell & Russell), accompanied Feuer PT during its site selection process.

FeuerPT had been seeking its new production site in the U.S. since mid-2012. Demands were high and many criteria had to be satisfied, like a reliable power supply, plenty of open space for future expansion, and a suitable soil for a durable manufacturing process.

During the site selection process, the consulting team was able to offer the officials from FeuerPT over 100 proposals for their new headquarter location in the U.S. The choice of site was not easy and many on-site visits to the different plants were necessary. Finally, Tunica, with its proximity to the international metropolis of Memphis, was able to win over the other competitors.

Headquartered in Nordhausen, Germany, Feuer Powertrain GmbH was formed in 2003. The company's scope of business includes the machining and processing of ready-for-installation crankshafts. Since FeuerPT was founded, it has invested more than $250 million in five plants in Nordhausen, where the company currently employs more than 400 workers producing up to 1,550,000 crankshafts per year.

Kayser Automotive Systems Announces
New Manufacturing Operation in Kentucky

EINBECK/FRANKFORT, KY (August 2, 2013) - Kurt-Heinz Borth, CEO of Kayser Automotive Systems GmbH, and Governor Steve Beshear today announced the company plans to establish a manufacturing facility in Fulton, which will be the company's first plant in the United States. The company expects to create 120 jobs and invest more than $17.5 million in the project. Automotive engine and fuel parts as well as car interior parts will be produced in the 50,000 sq ft facility.


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Foreign Investments transform America's industry landscape

According to an article in Forbes magazine, the last years saw a surge in industrial investments, much of which is concentrated in the chemical industry as well as automobile, steel and other transportation sectors. Many of these investments are focused on the southeastern states and Texas, which, according to many surveys, offer the most hospitable business climates. In the automobile industry alone, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and Kia all made significant investments in the US over the last years.


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The comeback of US manufacturing

Brad Plumer (Washington Post, May 2013) takes a look at the recent renaissance of the manufacturing sector. In recent years, decreasing production costs in the US paralleled with increasing production costs in China lead to a revival of the US manufacturing sector. With lower production costs than Japan or Europe, foreign companies also have been moving production to the US.


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